Succession planning for ReproProfi GmbH.

The handover of Dresden-based ReproProfi GmbH, one of Germany’s largest reprographic companies, has been finalised after a 12 month project. The B2B company was established in 1996. It specialises in the reproduction and archiving of construction drawings and documents. It has out-performed the market thanks to its committed workforce and high-quality digital printers. With eight sites in major cities including Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin and Stuttgart, ReproProfi is located close to the headquarters of leading companies in the construction sector and is frequently involved in major construction projects. ReproProfi’s 70 year-old founder has handed the firm over to the managers of its sites. These sites will continue to provide reprographic services as a network of individual GmbH companies. VENTRADA provided coaching for the company’s new owners as part of the project. It also structured asset deals and handled capital acquisition in partnership with regional banks. Tax consultants and lawyers in the VENTRADA network prepared the financial statements and contracts needed by the banks. This was yet another occasion where VENTRADA’s specialists worked together to facilitate a successful company transfer.

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