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Project managing business financing, the purchase or sale of a company shareholding, equity stake or entire company occupies centre stage within our consultancy offering. This process can be mapped out into two stages:

I. Transaction preparation

The legal, tax and company analysis (due diligence) are all part of preparing a transaction, a company valuation and, if necessary, capital budgeting and lastly compiling a professional report.

II. Execution of the transaction

Depending on the nature and scope of the project, the execution of the transaction comprises selecting suitable funding instruments and/or developing potential transaction strategies. Then we make a discreet approach to potential buyers, sellers or investors we have previously researched. Lastly, we support the negotiating process and the drafting of the contract until it is signed.


Target groups

Groups of companies:
Project management when buying or selling subsidiaries, investments and business units

Investment companies:
Supporting of portfolio companies, exit-management and allocating new targets

Support and or analysis of corporate clients, and support during the credit decision-making process

Coordinating selling of a shareholding, succession solution and taking on co-shareholders

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
Growth financing, acquisition of grants and restructuring

Technology start-ups:
Fleshing out business plans, coordinating financing rounds and coaching in day-to-day operations (virtual CFO).