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In Germany there are currently around 95,000 management consultants, divided into around 15,000 consultancies with the most diverse specialisations, structures and philosophies. A more in-depth analysis of the consulting business reveals that the sector is dominated by organisational and process consulting (43.8%), followed by strategic consulting (24.4%) and the fields of IT and HR consulting. Corporate Finance as a component of the strategic consulting occupies 2.6% of the entire market. (source: BDU e.V.)


VENTRADA Corporate Finance GmbH

Due to our emphasis on strategic consulting, VENTRADA can be categorised as specialising in the corporate finance business. The company was set up in 2005 in Jena (Thuringia). As one of the few M&A consultancy boutiques based in Central and Eastern Germany we have made it our job (with partners from our network specialising in law, tax and marketing) to smooth the way to the capital market for innovative start-ups and SMEs as well as supporting mergers and acquisitions as part of our project management offering.

We have put this to the test successfully on numerous transactions.

Prozessablauf VENTRADA

The VENTRADA process

Our strict procedure can be mapped out as follows:

1 = company analysis (due diligence)

2 = setting strategic targets, values and purchase prices

3 = drafting documentation for approaching investors

4 = recruiting suitable partners/buyers or investors

Our Philosophy

The guiding principles of our activities as management consultants are always of a highly ethical nature. They were also advocated by the Federal Association of German Management Consultants (Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater [BDU e.V.]) among other things.

This includes:

  • the management consultant’s independence from third parties
  • the impartiality of the advice whilst taking account of all possible opportunities and threats
  • having the relevant expert knowledge to hand (a management consultant will only work on projects where they have a proven track record)
  • guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality (secrecy about clients we have acquired and their business as well as the confidential way in which we deal with internal information is absolutely imperative for every project)

Furthermore, we stand out because we can be reached quickly and because we are creative thinkers. In addition, we are always polite and constructive when dealing with our contractual partners. Our remuneration structure is fair and, for the most part, results-oriented.

Side Note:

Definition of ‘corporate finance’

  • The term ‘corporate finance’ come from literature from the English-speaking world for financial management. It essentially describes a special area within business finance in which issues relating to business financing aimed at optimising capital structure and dividend policy as well as supporting investment decisions can be resolved. Corporate Finance measures are aimed at enhancing company value in each case.
  • As far as the consulting process we use is concerned, the following relevant tasks in the field of corporate finance consultancy are derived from the above definition:
  • Economic efficiency analyses (also called ‘commercial due diligence’) to position the respective clients in the current market environment
  • Financial analyses (financial due diligence) to calculate debt ratios and profitability
  • Capital budgeting and detailed business planning
  • Conducting company valuations in the run up to prospective M&A transactions
  • Increasing equity ratio through
    • Acquisition of funding (in the form of grants which do not need to be paid back)
    • Identifying potential for increasing revenue and profit
    • Raising investment capital

Our consultancy services which are aimed at SMEs are therefore very complex and goal-orientated. Only once the measures previously mentioned have been completely implemented and the capital required has been received or the notarised agreement on the transfer of the business has been signed is our job done. Follow-up support for our clients is also within the scope of our consultancy if that is required.